Windows 7 Mac Interface

Hybrid OS


Love you PC but want the feel of a Mac without out tools used to change your interface being destructive to your system files.  Well we have the answer for you.  Have your interface changed in less then 10 min and enjoy your PC again!


Mac Interface and whats Included

  • 1x Mac OS X Theme
  • 1x Windows 7 Bar Configure
  • 1x XLefty App To Move Close/Minimize/Maximize Buttons
  • 1x Safari Browser
  • 1x Mac Minimize, Close, Open
  • 1x Desktop Cleanup & Configure)
  • 1x Mac OS X Wallpaper .Themepack
  • 1x Mac mouse pointer


Let us consult, purchase transfer your data and configure your laptop.  For more information or call today! 1 855 IT-CREWS


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